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MySQL Administrator on Mac OSX Leopard: A Few Tips and Tricks

I mentioned in my previous article I’d show a couple of MySQL Administrator tricks so here goes. Many programmers like to use Terminal to do all MySQL administration tasks. It’s a great skill to have and one that can be picked up pretty easily and quickly when you get comfortable working with MySQL. I prefer to do everything visually so I can actually see what I’m doing. There’s no right or wrong way but a lot of advanced tasks require work in the Terminal. However GUI tools are perfect for everyday administration tasks.


Setting up PHP, MySQL, and Apache in Mac OSX Leopard

One of the best features for web developers in Mac OSX Leopard is the inclusion of PHP and Apache. By default both are inactive and require you to get them ready for business. I will outline how to do this as well as get MySQL up and running so you can have a local development setup right on your Mac!

It’s all pretty easy to do but requires a little attention to detail in parts. So lets get started.